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Safety relays are the decision-making units in safety-related control systems. In these systems, they are used to initiate system shutdown if a dangerous situation is detected. The primary function of a safety relay is to monitor the state of a safety system and, if the monitored safety system’s state becomes unsafe, to open or close the contacts within the relay, thus starting or stopping the controlled system. Pilz Safety Relays are designed with this purpose in mind. They provide a methodical, safe way to shut down a control system. The reliability of Pilz safety relays is well known, and they conform to the most recent safety standards. With a wide range of applications, they provide a solution to a variety of safety-related control systems.

PNOZelog is an example of a safety relay that is a leader in its field. One of PNOZelog’s greatest features is the ability to remove or replace modules with its simple snap-on or off design. This allows the user to replace a module without the need to rewire the unit, thus saving time and money. PNOZelog relays are also known for their space-saving ergonomic design. With a small physical size, it is ideal where space is limited. Note that PNOZelog is slowly being phased out by Pilz and replaced with other safety relays such as PNOZsigma.

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