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The products offered by Pilz have increased over time in response to consumer needs for safety, reliability, and cost efficiency in the automation and monitoring processes of machines. Services such as safety consultation, risk assessment, education and training, and machine modification/installation have helped Pilz give consumers a better understanding of implementing new methods of machine safety that are efficient and reliable. With advanced technology from Europe, we can provide a solution with the best result. Project management and the product will be more secure and also support Indonesia in making developments in industrial engineering with a new paradigm. All these things will affect making the industry better and reducing accidents because according to our motto “We don’t just solve automation, but we give an idea to make automation more secure and efficient.”

Pilz Automation Safety LP is an internationally recognized company in automation technology, offering products, systems, and services for the safety of man, machine, and the environment. It is a member of a German organization, Pilz GmbH & Co., which was established in 1999 with the aim of providing complete safety automation products and services up to SIL 3. The company has its headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia and has the spirit of fast growth, especially in the Asian region, to become the market leader in the safety automation field. In the start-up years (1999-2002), the company focused on reselling products such as sensors and limit switches, which are used for safety applications in customer machines. Since 2005, the company has concentrated on providing services and solutions in safety automation by offering the best safety and reliability levels for machine operation, with good quality products and efficient costs.

Pilz Automation Safety is a company engaged in automation that is involved in solving problems related to industrial engineering in Indonesia. Pilz Automation has been established since 2008 and is committed to contributing to industrial engineering in Indonesia by using European standard technology. The products we provide are solutions for solving complexity in the automation field, such as safety products, sensors, control, and automation products. With their tested quality, they will have a positive impact on the customer industry. The quality of the product will be guaranteed because the principal of Pt. Pilz Automation Safety in Germany will monitor the production process and the result of the product.

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