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Pilz is a company that specializes in automation technology for industrial environments. The company was founded in 1948 and has made a reputation for itself as a leader in its field. Over the years, Pilz has proved itself as a pioneer in the area of safety, being responsible for introducing the world’s first emergency stop relay to the market in 1953. Since then, Pilz has been a major influence in the development of emergency stop technology. The emergency stop (E-stop) function is used in industrial automation to cut off the power to machinery and prevent hazardous situations from becoming fatal. The function is a standard part of any control system and should be designed and integrated into the system before any other considerations are made. E-stop should be located in the most easily accessible area at any given time; all E-stop buttons should override all other commands and control devices, functioning in a fail-safe manner. E-stops should only allow power to be re-established by manual return of the device to its designated and secure location. Because of the function’s critical nature, E-stop devices should be validated and given a category of performance that ensures their application will make the controlled machinery safe. E-stop devices range from simple buttons to safety-rated relays and control devices. E-stop is now also enjoyed an international standard, IEC 60204-1, stating that all machinery will have some form of emergency stop.

The essence of the Pilz E-Stop pushbuttons is their experimental design. Dependent on which type is chosen, the pushbuttons consist of a variety of functions. Whether it be illuminated/non-illuminated, key reset or pull to release, the choice is wide and can be modified to meet any specific needs. The most widely used pushbuttons are colored red and can be front or base mounted with a choice of turning or snap action. All these variations are designed to give an immediate stop command to the relay, for immediate ceasing of the function of the machine.

In addition to this, the Pilz E-Stop pushbuttons satisfy the requirements of a variety of health and safety regulations, promoting their use as an international standard in the field. Along with the extended range of applications, it can be seen that Pilz E-Stop pushbuttons and relays are a viable and beneficial choice for modern machinery requirements. For Indonesia customer please call PT.Felcro Indonesia at contact number 0818790679 or email our marketing and technical team will help you.

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