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Safety is complex, machine builders and end users can often find it difficult to keep up with the pace of safety standards and legislation imposed on them. This can be attributed to the fact that safety legislation and standards are continuously evolving. Taking all the above into consideration, Pilz GmbH & Co. KG has defined Pilz safety as an integrated knowledge-based solution for all aspects of automation and across all industry styles, designed with the intention of setting new best practice levels for safety and simplifying the understanding and application of safety-related control systems. However, manufacturing at any level can potentially be hazardous to the worker, and with new trends towards globalized manufacturing, smaller companies are looking to achieve economies of scale by automating their manufacturing processes. This gives rise to a situation where machinery manufactured for large scale production is now also aimed at small to medium enterprises. Among these companies, there are often limited resources to assign to the new safety requirements placed on the machinery by local standards, and as a result, small to medium enterprises with limited expertise in safety requirements are currently finding it difficult to keep up with the pace of the safety laws and standards now being applied to new machinery. The Best pilz safety in Indonesia

By implementing an automation system, a machine manufacturer takes on responsibility for the safety of the people who use the machine. He meets this responsibility by following the safety-related guidelines in the Machinery Directive and the relevant standards and by observing its current state of the art. However, complete safety can never be guaranteed. In the case of an incident, it would have to be proven that the manufacturer had fulfilled his obligation to maintain safety. This is often difficult. Measures that were state of the art when the machine was built may since have been replaced by other more effective safety measures. The manufacturer is not always obliged to update his machine in this respect. When people talk about safety in relation to control systems, they often only think of emergency stop functions and protective devices on the machine. However, safety is present in all control functions that can affect the safety of persons. This includes simple command functions such as starting and stopping the machine. The Best pilz safety in Indonesia fro Indonesia customers please don’t hesitate to contact us at PT.Felcro Indonesia

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