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Safety PLC is a dedicated PLC to allow more specific programming for complex safety solutions. This differs from a traditional PLC, which is programmed to control and automate a process or machine. The LOTO and Guard door examples can usually be solved with a discrete safety relay. However, let’s consider a large machine with multiple guarding switches, gate switches, and light curtains. Troubleshooting safety circuits wired to multiple interlocks and light curtains can be complex and time-consuming. In some cases, it may be difficult to achieve the desired functionalities to make a machine production stop failsafe. Using a safety PLC can make this task much easier and meet higher safety integrity levels. With the use of function block programming and standardized programming methods conforming to IEC61508, safety-related logic can be programmed in a clear and structured manner. Different functionalities can be assigned to different inputs and outputs, making the system easy to understand. Safety PLCs are also more flexible than hard-wired relays and can be easily reprogrammed to accommodate changes to a machine or process. The best pilz safety plc in Indonesia, This can be very useful if a machine is being uprated as the safety control system can be adapted without having to rewire a new system.

Safety PLC (SPLC) can be separated from conventional, standard PLC in three primary areas. Firstly, the instruction set of SPLC possesses a range of advanced instruction sets specifically designed for the assessment of input and control of output during a safety-related control system. This allows for user-friendly configuration and trouble-free analysis and modification of the system. Secondly, addressing using SPLC eliminates the need for dual addressing. For example, a conventional PLC with a MIL specification would use two PLCs and an XOR gate to authenticate a certain operation, thus requiring dual addressing of the I/O. This can be extremely problematic and inefficient. As for memory storage, SPLCs use the same memory allocation for I/O of the same type, whereas conventional PLCs will require allocation of a memory area. STEP 7 Micro/WIN, in particular, has a very useful utility for I/O configuration. The best pilz safety plc in Indonesia, Finally, and perhaps most importantly, SPLCs have two separate memory areas for safety and control-related functions. This means input data can be continually assessed without affecting the standard operation process.

Safety PLC technology is an up and coming area in the control systems industry, particularly in European markets and at many manufacturing plants of US firms based in North America. As technology progresses, it is likely that safety PLCs will become more widely used and begin to dominate the safety control systems market. The best pilz safety plc in Indonesia, For Indonesia market please don’t hesitate to contact us at PT. Felcro Indonesia as authorised distributor in Indonesia.

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