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Pilz specialises in development and manufacturing of automation products. In its existing state, the company is a small enterprise with forty-two employees working from a facility in Victoria. Pilz is a provider of safety-related automation solutions, including several products and systems, namely the PSS product and software system, and plant and machinery safety services such as plant assessment and training. All of which play a large role in the outcome of their work. Due to the severity and complexity of these systems, it is vital that all employees and people associated with Pilz are informed leaders in safety to ensure the highest quality product. This report will identify the current safety management health and safety systems and future plans for Pilz Australia in articulating OHS management systems with the requirements of AS4804 Safety Management Systems for a range of organizations. For Indonesia market please don’t hesitate to contact us PT.Felcro Indonesia

The importance of safety in Pilz is reflected in how Pilz has adopted safety functions, starting from the Guardmaster emergency stop pushbutton, specializing in rear termination, to their product. According to Pilz, dedication to providing the best safety application is reflected in their product that has the function of the indestructible emergency stop and latch, but toned with the EU guideline known as EN60204 control system. This guideline suggests that in the future, the emergency stop pushbutton has to change from 3 pole to 2 pole. A new solution provided by Pilz facilitates this conversion with the PNOZsigma safety relay, using only one component and two conductors with the bridge at terminals 13-14 and 21-22. An innovation to change the emergency stop for the better. EU laws demand that safety has to be taken into greater account in any new machinery or plant. Control functions that previously required complicated wirings in order to achieve the highest category of safety can now be realized more easily using control systems. Technology constructing such control systems is constantly growing more innovative and advancing. To adapt to market changes and expand development in safety control systems and products, Pilz has provided a safety method using their very own machine.

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