The best stober gearbox in Indonesia

The best stober gearbox in Indonesia

Stober Gearbox with a flange block is designed to rigidly support the machine components with fixed bearings. The dimension between the mounting surface and output bearing fulfills pump industry standard,” said Frank Langro, President of Stober Drives, Inc. Although not new to the European market, adding the flange block to the gearboxes’ configuration provides European manufacturers and assemblers using these drives an all-in-one solution. “We have seen a trend where European manufacturers and assemblers are purchasing various configuration components, e.g. motors, gears, clutches, bearings, etc. to build a drive for a given application from different suppliers. They may have good reasons to do this because certain components are already on the shelf. However, with increasing liability and safety standards, they assume more risk of a component configuration failure. Providing the all-in-one solution of a configured drive, we decrease the liability and potential risk of our customers by ensuring the reliability and safety of our own. The best stober gearbox in Indonesia

Stober engineers and marketing support staff have spoken to many customers about recent trends and special needs in the automation industry. Foreign markets are ripe with potential but often present unique challenges. A broad range of ideas and an understanding of dissimilar European industry standards motivate us to provide new and uniquely configured drive solutions for the international automation market. These new gearbox configurations along with the aforementioned flange block will be highly suitable for complex European applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Case in point, in early discussions with a German customer, it was determined that the customer’s specific application required a drive with 316 stainless steel construction and an output torque requirement between 40 – 50 Nm. With the availability of various parts configuration and an already wide range of gearbox sizes, we can satisfy this type of customer by using a configured gearbox solution tailored specifically to the application. The best stober gearbox in Indonesia

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