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It’s great to hear that you offer a comprehensive range of further training in plant safety and automation. Keeping up-to-date with regulations and standards is crucial in ensuring the safety and compliance of plant and machinery operations. Offering customized training programs is an excellent way to meet the specific needs of manufacturers, operators, and suppliers. For even greater success through professional development, the content and structure of our training courses are designed to be optimised for your personal qualification route. That’s why our seminars are divided into four levels – from introductory level to expert certification.

Because anyone dealing with plant and machinery should have one thing above all: up-to-date information on machinery safety, plant safety, work safety and operational safety. From national regulations for occupational safety to the Machinery Directive, all the way to CE marking in Europe or NR-12 compliance in Brazil – manufacturers, operators and suppliers of plant and machinery must satisfy a number of legal and standard-based requirements.

Remember to highlight the benefits of your training programs, such as improved safety records, compliance with regulations, and enhanced operational efficiency. Additionally, gathering feedback from participants can help refine and improve your training offerings over time.

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