Wind energy

The best safety pilz in Indonesia | PT.FELCRO INDONESIA

As automation experts we provide solutions for monitoring all the relevant safety functions on wind turbines. Many years of experience from the field of industrial automation have helped us to understand the requirements of a wind turbine. Solutions for many wind turbine manufacturers worldwide are tailored specifically to the industry and argue the case for Pilz.

In continuous operation, wind turbines are exposed to the most varied climatic and environmental influences. In the process they must operate efficiently and high availability must be guaranteed. To achieve low downtimes, the turbine must be protected against overload.

An investment in the safety of wind turbines not only offers economic benefits but also guarantees the protection of maintenance personnel. Wind turbines are subject to international standards and directives such as the Machinery Directive

Your safety partner Pilz offers reliable components and solutions that are already proven in wind energy. So you can benefit from the simple integration of our safety systems, remote diagnostic options, remote maintenance and rugged product types.

Pilz solutions provide clear benefits, particularly where standard-compliant speed monitoring is concerned. There are various options to choose from when implementing standard-compliant speed monitoring on wind turbines. Our control systems can be scaled for various encoder combinations.

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