Month: September 2023

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Solutions for cable cars

Cable cars are now an indispensable form of transportation in winter sports areas and municipal transport systems. Whether travelling by funicular, aerial cableway or T-bar lift, passengers must always be transported safely. Passenger cabins that “hover” up to several hundred metres above ground place huge demands on safety. When it comes to control technology, …

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PNOZsigma safety relay - Pilz

Solutions for the non-iron

This industry in particular uses large, interlinked machinery such as rolling mills, galvanisation plants or surface treatment equipment. These are often complex, for example requiring protection against an uncontrolled start-up, via LOTO (Lock Out – Tag Out) or a locked stop for example.

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Wind energy

In continuous operation, wind turbines are exposed to the most varied climatic and environmental influences. In the process they must operate efficiently and high availability must be guaranteed. To achieve low downtimes, the turbine must be protected against overload. An investment in the safety of wind turbines not only offers economic benefits but also guarantees …

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Safe Presses

Reliable safety technology for presses should not only be flexible and powerful, but economical too. We can help you to equip and retrofit your presses safely and guarantee safe operation. As an experienced partner in forming technology, Pilz can guide you through a new design and retrofit over the entire machine lifecycle, to guarantee press safety. …

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BD|SENSORS: Electronic pressure measurement technology

Machine tools

As a technology leader in safe automation, we are constantly redefining safety and productivity for our customers. Individual, cost-optimised solutions for your machine tools are the result. You can rely on our complete package for the safety functions on your machine tool. Performance, rapid tool change or traverse speed with high accuracy are all significant factors in …

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No time for delays

Get around the availability bottlenecks and invest now in the railway automation of the future. We can enable a modernised railway infrastructure as well as safe railway operation! Our safe solutions for railway automation include digital remote access to your interlockings as well as rail safety engineering, such as control and monitoring of level crossings, or electrical, locally-set points for example. From engineering and …

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White Paper Robotics

To verify the required safety level, the entire safety function must be considered – from the sensor to the logic and beyond to the actuator. Safe human-robot collaboration (HRC) can only be guaranteed when all these factors interact in a coordinated manner. The closer human and machine work together, the more efficient work practices become. However, safe interaction …

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The Automation Experts

As a complete supplier for control and safety technology, Pilz can provide one-stop automation solutions. Pilz has extensive expertise in a wide range of applications. We’ll work with you to implement an optimum automation solution, taking into account all the standards and directives applicable worldwide. Faster, more flexible, safer – the increasing level of automation …

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Pilz – Safe automation, automation technology - Pilz INT

Professional Services

EMI and EOS problems can present daunting challenges, especially if dealing with them is not something that you normally do every day.  We offer the following technical services: ​