Month: September 2023

No time for delays

Get around the availability bottlenecks and invest now in the railway automation of the future. We can enable a modernised railway infrastructure as well as safe railway operation! Our safe solutions for railway automation include digital remote access to your interlockings as well as rail safety engineering, such as control and monitoring of level crossings, or electrical, locally-set points for example. From engineering and …

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White Paper Robotics

To verify the required safety level, the entire safety function must be considered – from the sensor to the logic and beyond to the actuator. Safe human-robot collaboration (HRC) can only be guaranteed when all these factors interact in a coordinated manner. The closer human and machine work together, the more efficient work practices become. However, safe interaction …

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The Automation Experts

As a complete supplier for control and safety technology, Pilz can provide one-stop automation solutions. Pilz has extensive expertise in a wide range of applications. We’ll work with you to implement an optimum automation solution, taking into account all the standards and directives applicable worldwide. Faster, more flexible, safer – the increasing level of automation …

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Professional Services

EMI and EOS problems can present daunting challenges, especially if dealing with them is not something that you normally do every day.  We offer the following technical services: ​

Automation Solution

With a large number of drives, rotating cardboard tubes, guide rollers and a circular knife it is necessary to cover a whole set of hazard risks. The special purpose machinery manufacturer attaches great importance to integrated automation and safety solutions that make machines safe, productive and easy to operate. For reasons of efficiency and costs, …

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System for Rail Operations

Every year transport operator De Lijn carries more than 500 million passengers in and around Antwerp. Some of the railway control systems of Antwerp’s metro network are beginning to show their age: The software-based automation system PSS 4000-R(ail) is replacing the obsolete technology and is more reliable, more powerful and more efficient. The technology is being changed over on …

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Move Locomotives Safely

The Bombardier mainline locomotive equipped with the radio remote control system LocControl100 from Schweizer Electronic can split or assemble freight trains without a driver. The shunter uses a hand-held terminal to move the locomotive forwards and backwards, brake and accelerate from a distance of up to 1,000 m away. Schweizer Electronic, responsible for control system, programming, …

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Amplifier for All Drives

When converting to the Industrial Ethernet Standard Profinet with TCP/IP Xactools opted for PMCtendo DD5 from Pilz. Thanks to the new servo amplifiers it is possible to drive servo, asynchronous and linear motors, rotary direct drives and servo linear actuators from almost any manufacturer. The internal programming option in the servo controller enables PMCtendo DD5 …

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