Safety gate system PSENslock | PILZ

Simple operation of the safety gate system PSENslock Combine PSENslock with the pushbutton unit PITgatebox to get additional operator and pushbutton elements: from E-STOP pushbuttons and illuminated pushbuttons to key switches and key-operated pushbuttons. The PITgatebox is available in a number of versions and with its robust die cast zinc housing is particularly resistant to …

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Application of PSENhinge | PILZ

Application of PSENhinge PSENhinge is suitable for rotatable and hinged gates as well as flaps. High manipulation protection is achieved by concealing the installation within the guard. Safe hinge switches from Pilz can also be used where heavy soiling occurs, as PSENhinge provide IP67 protection.

Features of the safety bolt | PILZ

Complete solution of door handle and safety switches Matched to the products PSENcode compact design and PSENmech Pre-emptive bolt Versions with escape release Fit padlocks to prevent mechanical locking of the door

Safety bolt PSENbolt | PILZ

The safety bolt PSENbolt consists of a mechanical bolt, handle and various combinable safety switches,which are based on different action principles. This removes the need for expensive in-house engineering. On the one hand the safety bolt meets the highest requirements for defeat and manipulation protection. On the other hand, PSENbolt also guarantees secure safety gate …

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PSENmag stainless steel versions | PILZ

PSENmag for applications with high safety standards Our magnetic sensors PSENmag are ideal for monitoring safety gates and positions for all applications thanks to their manipulation-proof concept. The sensors offer you scope for concealed installation. This means the safety sensors remain functional even if concealed by non-magnetic materials. PSENmag are especially suitable for use in …

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PSENmech with guard locking | Pilz

The mechanical safety switches PSENmech with guard locking ensure that the safety gate is interlocked (guard locking) until the hazardous production process is complete. They also prevent production from being interrupted as a result of unauthorised access.