Esslingen University

Pilz supports teaching and works together with universities and institutes. At Esslingen University, we sponsor events and participate in the Industry Colloquium, for example, which serves as a meeting place for exchanging ideas and know-how between companies, politicians and students. We also offer support for Bachelor’s and Master’s dissertations and promote young talent. We organise …

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The standard ISO 3691-4 specifies a clear procedure for achieving safety on an automated guided vehicle system, for both manufacturers and operators. It defines an automated guided vehicle system as a combination of one or more automated guided vehicles or autonomous mobile robots and the plant environment. The 2020 publication of the standard ISO 3691-4 for automated guided …

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Site Acceptance Test

For automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS), in cooperation with the expert for material flow automation NAiSE GmbH, we offer the world’s first traffic and order management software, for all participants in intralogistics. Thanks to intelligent sensor infrastructure and integrated, manufacturer-independent communication, the order management software “NAiSE Traffic” analyses the flow of traffic and goods in real-time. The software …

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Onfilter the world without EMI

Motors with Motor Filters

Servo and stepper motors and VFD have two major EMI-related problems: excessive electromagnetic interference in equipment, and damage to the motor bearings caused by excessive high-frequency currents flowing through them.  Excessive EMI causes problems with measurements and equipment operation. All pulse-width driven motors suffer deterioration of bearings (often called EDM – electric discharge machining). This article describes …

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Machinery safety services

Whether in the design phase, during operation or with a machine retrofit: manufacturers and operators are naturally keen, and often legally obliged, to detect and eliminate potential safety risks for human and machine at an early stage. Pilz offers you comprehensive safety services customised to your company’s needs throughout the entire machine lifecycle.

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International compliance

Machinery that is imported into the USA and/or put into service there is subject to complex specifications that may vary depending on the state or region. Compliance with the testing standards of OSHA or UL is a mandatory requirement for market approval, for example. This applies to new, used and modified or expanded machinery. So anyone who sells …

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Harmonised Standards

Standards alone have no legal relevance. They do not achieve legal relevance until they are published in the Official Journal of the EU or are referenced in domestic laws and provisions. Publication of these harmonised standards triggers “presumption of conformity”. Users applying the standard can therefore assume that they are acting in compliance with the law and …

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Lockout tagout system

The LoTo system from Pilz comprises two stages: LoTo analysis and LoTo procedure development. As part of the LoTo analysis we examine the existing documentation, such as the plant’s LoTo policies and the procedures for preventing re-energisation. This is to ensure they meet your own internal corporate requirements. Once the LoTo analysis has been successfully …

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Laws and standards in Asia

Most countries have binding regulations for making plant and machinery safe. Safe machinery plays a part in increasing the motivation and productivity of staff In Asia, the number of binding regulations for the design of safe machinery is not really very high. Rapid industrial growth, however, means that the demand for machinery safety components is …

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Harmonisation work on EU standards

On 18.3.2019, the EU Commission published its Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/436 in the Official Journal, outlining the changes to the list of harmonised standards for machines with regard to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. It updated the list of standards, whose application triggers presumption of conformity in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. A complete list of harmonised standards …

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