Wide range application in every industry.

Airport and Railway: Millions of travellers and masses of luggage are transported and handled at airport everyday. It’s vital that nothing goes wrong in these well-rehearsed procedure. This requires perfect co-ordination and absolutely safety Also used in many other area automotive industry, steel & aluminium, packaging technology, pressess & machine tools, robotics.

Pilz safety relays PNOZ

Food & Beverage: Hygiene is as essential in the manufacture of foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco as in the production of pharmaceutical products. This is true not only for the production facilities but also for machinery and plant and in the latter case especially sensors, probes and measuring technology. 

Transport & Logistics: The automation system focuses on transporting the lifting frames in the plant as well as on cross traffic of the automatic guided vehicle systems without any collisions occuring. Automatic guided vehicle systems : monitoring of the speed and travel direction of individual transport units.

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Amusement parks: controlling of motors and recording positions and speed. Bridge protection: monitoring and control of the safety related function of a vertical lift bridge.

Other areas: Cables cars the realisation of cable car applications, e.g fibre-optic cable applications for long distances. Escalators: safety solutions and concepts for all types of escalators. Fire protection systems: safe monitoring and control of fire protection systems.