PNOZmulti decentalised input module

PT. Felcro Indonesia | Industrial Automation

The decentralized nature of this module means that it can be distributed throughout a machine or system, rather than being centrally located. This can be advantageous for large or complex systems where it’s impractical to run all inputs and outputs back to a central control panel.

PILZ offers a decentralized input module for the PNOZmulti safety system called the PNOZ m EF 8DI4DO. This module provides eight digital inputs and four digital outputs. It’s designed to expand the capabilities of the PNOZmulti safety system, allowing for more extensive safety functionality in machinery and automation applications.

The PNOZ m EF 8DI4DO module is typically used for connecting safety-related input devices such as emergency stop buttons, safety gates, light curtains, and enabling switches. The digital outputs can be used to control safety-related actuators such as safety relays, contactors, or valves.

By integrating this module into a PNOZmulti safety system, users can enhance the safety functionality of their machinery while also benefiting from the flexibility and scalability of a decentralized architecture. Safety solutions provider since 2011.

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