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Pilz PNOZmulti 2 PNOZ m B0 Safety Controller

The PNOZmulti is known for its flexibility and modular design, allowing it to be tailored to the specific safety requirements of different applications. It offers features like configurable safety functions, easy programming, and diagnostic capabilities to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. The PNOZmulti is a safety relay system developed by Pilz, commonly used …

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myPNOZ Creator and myPNOZ modules

Pilz PNOZsigma S1 750101 Single Channel – Indonesia

The Pilz PNOZsigma S1 is a single-channel safety relay designed for monitoring emergency stop switches, safety gates, light barriers, and similar safety devices. It’s commonly used in machinery and automation applications where safety is paramount. The relay ensures that machinery or processes stop immediately when a safety breach is detected, preventing accidents and protecting personnel …

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myPNOZ Creator and myPNOZ modules

Key-In-Pocket Solution

The PITreader from Pilz is a safety gate system designed to safeguard access points to hazardous areas. It ensures that gates or doors are only opened when it’s safe to do so, preventing unauthorized access to dangerous areas. The PITreader typically uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to identify authorized personnel and control access …

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PSENcode – ATEX available from Pilz

PSENcode is a type of safety sensor used in industrial automation, particularly in applications where explosive atmospheres may be present, such as in the chemical or oil and gas industries. ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosibles) is a European directive that sets the standards for equipment and protective systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres. Safety solutions provider …

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myPNOZ Creator – highlights

Modular Safety Relay myPNOZ | PILZ

The modular safety relays provided by myPNOZ enable tailored safety solutions that are precisely aligned with customer requirements. These relays offer flexibility in configuration, allowing users to customize safety functions according to their specific needs and the requirements of their applications. By combining modularity with ease of use, myPNOZ relays streamline the process of designing …

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myPNOZ Creator – highlights

myPNOZ creator online tool

myPNOZ Creator is an online tool developed by Pilz, a company specializing in safety automation solutions. It’s designed to assist engineers and technicians in creating safety-related control systems using Pilz’s PNOZmulti safety relays. The tool typically guides users through the process of selecting the appropriate components and configuring them to meet safety requirements according to …

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PNOZsigma - Pilz safety relays | PT.Felcro Indonesia

MyPNOZ no software required

ChatGPT myPNOZ is indeed a beneficial tool for streamlining wiring processes and optimizing space utilization in Pilz systems. By offering comprehensive functionalities within a compact design, myPNOZ contributes to efficient installation and setup, ultimately saving valuable time for users. Its integration into Pilz setups enhances productivity while ensuring safety and reliability, reflecting Pilz’s commitment to …

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PNOZ m B0.1 - PILZ modular safety relays

PSSuniversal – Safety Automation

PSSuniversal from Pilz is a versatile remote I/O system for automation applications. It’s designed to provide reliable and efficient communication between field devices and control systems in industrial environments. PSSuniversal offers a modular design, allowing users to configure the system according to their specific requirements. This flexibility enables scalability and adaptability to various applications. It …

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