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Danger clearly identified

The safe solution applied at EuroChem comprises a radar system and PSSuniversal PLC controller from the automation system PSS 4000. Six radar sensors are attached to each of the conveyor’s six discharge points. They reliably detect all movements in the surrounding area. Each discharge point has its own control unit, which interprets the sensors’ signals …

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Higher cycle counts

The CGM rotary indexing table is a servo-driven, modular and flexible fully automatic machine. A driven axis is responsible for the movement of the rotary table as well as the vertical and horizontal stroke. The motion control system PMCprimo DriveP specifies the movements and is responsible for the whole motion and safety management of the …

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More productive, hard as steel!

In addition to using PSS 4000, Arcelor Mittal also commissioned Pilz to completely overhaul the plant. One challenge in this modernisation process was the frequent shutting down of the start-up burners that ignite the main burners, which repeatedly led to extended outages. The existing burner control module and flame monitoring via UV cells were not …

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No Stop, just go!

The challenge: the rear access areas also have to be protected. On their own, however, the pair of safety light curtains provided did not offer rear access protection. The solution: a safety laser scanner PSENscan is added to the safety concept. Installed centrally underneath the test system racks, it permanently scans a defined safety zone …

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Safety for underground mining

To completely exclude a potential hazard, it is essential to comply with the prescribed minimum values for water flow, water pressure and air pressure when the nozzles are used. The automation system PSS 4000 now takes the place of the previous system in monitoring the nozzles and the machine – with an optimised function range. …

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Retrofit in a flash

The automation system’s PSSuniversal PLC controller, in conjunction with the decentralised I/O system PSSuniversal, takes full control of the flight carousel on the Götterflug – from closing and locking the bars on the seats through to rotating the tower and monitoring the end positions of the extension arms. Coded safety switches PSENcode also manage the …

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Relay sets safety standard

With the available expansion modules, all applications – E-STOP, safety gate switch with/without guard locking and light curtain – can be covered on the machines. In addition to the myPNOZ, Advanced Engineering also uses sensor technology PSEN, including the safety switches PSENmag and PSENcode, the safety gate systems PSENslock or the safety light curtains PSENopt. …

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Robust and reliable solution

The main requirement when retrofitting the points controllers for the urban railway and trams in several of Poland’s major cities was safety and reliability. That’s because the control systems in use were obsolete and sensitive to temperature variations. In many places, points could only be passed at 10 km/h, which prevented attractive, clock-face scheduling. The …

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