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Reliable and convenient diagnostics are a prerequisite for enabling plant and machinery to manufacture efficiently, cost effectively and without interruption. With PVIS, Pilz has developed a universal diagnostics solution for the entire range, from small machines to large plants. The PVIS OPC Tools are based on an OPC Server. This gives you access to the extended PVIS diagnostics …

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HMI software 

The web-based visualisation software PASvisu is so flexible to use that you can quite simply incorporate the software into your existing automation infrastructure. PASvisu supports the Modbus TCP communication protocol or connection via OPC UA-Server. As such it can be used with almost all standard control systems on the market. Process data can be exchanged simply. Data …

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Productive area monitoring – including in series!

Safety laser scanner PSENscan

Safety laser scanners PSENscan detect when a person approaches a hazardous movement. If a warning field is accessed, there is controlled braking of the hazardous movement; if the protected field is accessed, the movement is stopped. The safety laser scanners PSENscan provide optimum protection against people entering at access points to danger zones. Thanks to …

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Monitoring of E-STOP, safety gates, light barriers

This document provides an in-depth exploration of the monitoring of E-STOP, safety gates, and light barriers in industrial environments. It aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the importance of these safety systems, their functionality, troubleshooting methods, and integration into safety protocols. This information is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of workers operating …

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Safety relay/safety relays PNOZ

Good bye 2023 and Welcome 2024

As we reflect on the year 2023, we can proudly acknowledge the numerous achievements and milestones we reached. Our organization experienced remarkable growth, expanding our market share and launching innovative products that captured the attention of customers worldwide. Additionally, we successfully implemented new strategies that enhanced our operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It was a year …

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Online tool myPNOZ Creator

The myPNOZ Creator offers several benefits to users in creating safety functions for PNOZmulti devices. First and foremost, it provides a simple yet powerful platform for configuring safety systems, reducing the complexity and time required in traditional programming methods. The tool’s intuitive interface allows users to easily define safety functions using ladder logic and function …

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PNOZpower safety relays

Happy New Year 2024

Thank you! May the new year bring you prosperity, good health, and happiness. If there’s anything specific you’re looking forward to or if you have any goals for the year, I’d love to hear about them! Cheers to a wonderful 2024! 🎉