EMI Filters

Power Line Communication

Power line communication (PLC) utilizes data transmitted over power lines by overlaying regular power with high-frequency signals.  It is a component of “Smart Power” and is quite common in the industry.  OnFILTER makes several products for PLC: ​ Power line EMI adapters help to observe PLC signals on power lines using regular oscilloscopes or spectrum analyzers …

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Sensors and actuators using 4…20mA loop are subject to electromagnetic interference (EMI), especially when the wires are long and/or they run close to other wires with noisy signals, such as those going to variable frequency drives (VFD) and alike.  Our data filters greatly reduce such interference while not affecting the core signal.  The filters are completely passive …

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Onfilter the world without EMI

Onfilter the world without EMI

OnFILTER designs and manufactures special-purpose EMI filters and related instrumentation. We design our own products and manufacture them in California, USA and ship them around the world.  We manufacture both standard and custom products – if you don’t see what you are looking for among our standard products, there is a good chance we can make it …

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