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The overview of capacitive sensors section provides a comprehensive understanding of these sensors and their working principles. It explains how capacitive sensors detect changes in capacitance to sense the presence or absence of an object. The section highlights their ability to detect non-conductive and conductive materials, making them versatile in various applications. It also discusses …

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Pressure transmitter

Stainless steel and various plastics are excellent choices for housing materials, as they can provide durability, resistance to corrosion, and can withstand harsh environmental conditions often found in industrial environments. These materials also contribute to the transmitters’ reliability and longevity. http://www.bdsensors.de It would be interesting to know more about the specific sensor technologies utilized in …

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in selection and problem solving What makes a family business strong? Or, in another way, what should a family business be based on? Because family is the foundation of a larger whole, a family business in particular must be measured upon its credibility and stability. When responsibly dealing with customers and employees, decisions have to …

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Reliable pressure and level measurement – With this single competency in mind, our company is the universal supplier of a huge range of products ranging from electronic measuring instruments on the one hand, to the most precise data evaluation and display technology on the other.The fact that our products are versatile for a wide variety …

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