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PNOZ m B1 – Small Controllers

This controller offers various safety functions such as monitoring of emergency stop buttons, safety gates, light barriers, and two-hand control devices. It’s part of Pilz’s PNOZmulti modular safety system, which allows for flexible configuration to meet specific safety requirements. http://www.pilz.com The PNOZ m B1 is indeed a compact safety relay from Pilz, a company specializing …

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PNOZcompact safety relays from PILZ

These safety relays are typically used to monitor safety-related functions such as emergency stops, safety gates, light curtains, two-hand control, and more. They help to detect potentially hazardous situations and ensure that machinery or processes are brought to a safe state when necessary. PNOZcompact safety relays from PILZ are compact, versatile safety relays designed to …

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PNOZsigma - Pilz safety relays | PT.Felcro Indonesia

Safety relay, PNOZsigma

The PNOZsigma safety relay series from Pilz is designed to provide safety-related monitoring functions in various industrial applications. One of its key features is its flexibility in terms of adjustable operating modes and times, allowing users to customize the relay’s behavior to suit specific safety requirements. The PNOZsigma relays typically offer a range of monitoring …

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PSENmag non-coded from PILZ

PSENmag non-coded from PILZ is a magnetic safety switch designed for use in applications requiring reliable non-contact safety switching. This switch utilizes a magnetic actuator and sensor to detect the position of guarding doors, gates, or panels. It’s typically used in machinery and automation systems where there’s a need to ensure that a machine halts …

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PSENcode ATEX available from PILZ

Pilz offers several products certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, including the ATEX zone. However, specific details about a PSENcode model with ATEX certification would require checking Pilz’s latest product catalog or contacting their sales or support team directly. Safetu solutions provider since 2011. ATEX certification ensures that equipment is suitable for use in …

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