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Pandemi covid19 sudah mulai reda dan kegiatan kami sudah kembali berangsur-angsur pulih semoga semakin baik dan kegaiatan bisa seperti sediakala. Kami juga mulai kembali mengunjungi pelanggan sebagai kegiatan rutinitas dan juga diskusi jual pilz teknik untuk service d

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PNOZ X safety relays

PNOZ X safety relays Customised safety for your application Safety relays PNOZ X at a glance Our PNOZ X safety relays are proven through their reliability and sturdiness. They are used in a wide range of applications and in the most diverse safety applications. Use one PNOZ X per safety function. The technical features …

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PSEN – Pilz safety sensors

Pilz offers a wide range of safety sensors that conform to international standards and have been tested by certification bodies. Our sensor technology portfolio includes safety switches for monitoring positions, as well as guards. Optical sensors are ideally suited for area and zone monitoring. Choose from our wide range of light barriers, camera systems …

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PILZ France

PILZ France vous accompagne dans vos travaux de mise en conformité machines pendant l’été ! or

PNOZ m B1 – For large projects | PILZ

Multifunctional, freely configurable and tailormade: the base units PNOZmulti 2 are used in virtually every area of plant and mechanical engineering. PNOZmulti can be used to monitor safety functions safely and to perform standard control functions economically. All the necessary functions are created on the PC using the ingeniously simple configuration software PNOZmulti Configurator. The …

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Safety gate monitoring | PSENslock

Safety gate systems PSENslock Designed for the highest category applications through a combination of safe position monitoring and process guarding – Safety gate systems PSENslock.

Safety gate system PSENslock | PILZ

Simple operation of the safety gate system PSENslock Combine PSENslock with the pushbutton unit PITgatebox to get additional operator and pushbutton elements: from E-STOP pushbuttons and illuminated pushbuttons to key switches and key-operated pushbuttons. The PITgatebox is available in a number of versions and with its robust die cast zinc housing is particularly resistant to …

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