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Relay sets safety standard

With the available expansion modules, all applications – E-STOP, safety gate switch with/without guard locking and light curtain – can be covered on the machines. In addition to the myPNOZ, Advanced Engineering also uses sensor technology PSEN, including the safety switches PSENmag and PSENcode, the safety gate systems PSENslock or the safety light curtains PSENopt. …

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Robust and reliable solution

The main requirement when retrofitting the points controllers for the urban railway and trams in several of Poland’s major cities was safety and reliability. That’s because the control systems in use were obsolete and sensitive to temperature variations. In many places, points could only be passed at 10 km/h, which prevented attractive, clock-face scheduling. The …

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Practicable Too

On the barrel cleaning and filling plant it is important that part of the protective wall can be easily removed, so that maintenance personnel can advance with a forklift to the centrally positioned media distributors, for service operations. In order to meet this requirement, the decision was made to use mobile railings. The solution also …

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Pilz – Safe automation, automation technology - Pilz INT

High Efficiency

The starting point is thoroughly tricky: production plants at Waldorf Technik exhibit wide-ranging potential hazards among the wide range of intelligently interconnected plant modules. The company is obliged to estimate the risk and implement risk reduction measures for each interface. The particular challenge: there are also third-party interfaces to include and test. Ultimately, the conformity …

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Pilz – Safe automation, automation technology - Pilz INT

Brake Test

Automation of the brake test on freight trains, Defined end positions, forces and brake cylinder pressure are recorded via a sensor technology that’s appropriate for the carriage type and the automation system PSS 4000, with its railway-compatible input/output modules. The control solution is connected to the operator system via the local wireless system and to …

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The modular safety relay myPNOZ

Checking for cracks

The crack testing machine is around thirty metres long, fifteen metres wide and up to seven metres high. It consists of several workspaces and process areas, with nine processing booths. That’s why safeguarding of all the infeed and access areas was at the centre of the safety concept. The components integrated into the safety concept …

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Pilz – Safe automation, automation technology - Pilz INT

More about industrial security

Security gaps in software cannot be 100 % prevented. Therefore, it is important to inform users and administrators about these gaps in time so that they can take countermeasures before damage occurs. To make this work it is important to establish an appropriate management system, including a Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) in the …

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Mechanical safety locking device PSENmech - Pilz

Industrial security

Our products and services meet the highest quality requirements. That’s why we take security into account even during product development. However, security gaps in software cannot be 100 % avoided, so we take any reports of possible weaknesses very seriously. This is the only way we can keep the very high quality level of our …

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Future-proof labelling

Today, operators on the filling plant’s turntable are not only protected from the hazards of the laser, but also from the drives’ hazardous overrun: the inputs of the dual-channel emergency stop and the OSSD signals of the safety gate systems PSENmlock are connected directly to each other on the myPNOZ, so creating a safety zone, …

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