From story to history.

The company, now a historical figure in its industry, becomes a source of knowledge and mentoring for others entering the automation journey. It actively participates in industry forums, sharing best practices and contributing to the collective advancement of automation. In this progression from story to history, a historical account of sustained innovation, impact and influence. They key lies in a strategic and adaptable approach, recognizing automation as continous journey rather than one time implementation.

Pilz – Safe automation, automation technology - Pilz INT - PT.Felcro Indonesia

Integrity, Profesionalisme & Entrepreneurship.

With integrity, profesionalisme and entrepreneurship as the core value, PT.Felcro Indonesia is committed to aiding its clients success, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all. As leading distributor of pilz, safe and smart automation products, We cater to both simple and complex systems in the industrial market. Our offering are designed to integrate seamlessly in to existing system enviroments. Additionally, with over of decade of logistical experience, we assure availabilty and prompt delivery of products to maintain and stregthen our market leadership.

Our Vision & Mission.

Establish strong partnership with key manufactures and suppliers in the automation industry. Collaborating with reputable brands enhances our product offerings and reliability. Having a vision to be a leading distributor in automation is commendable goal, and its set a clear direction for our company growth and success in the filed automation. We are not only selecting the right product and application but also increasing safety awareness in our customers this is our mission. This approach will likely result in a positive impact, building trust and loyalty among our customer base. We are the best pilz PLC in Indonesia markets.



Management, PT.Felcro Indonesia.