Distributor Pilz safety relays myPNOZ

PNOZelog safety relay

PNOZelog safety relay

The Pilz PNOZelog series represents a family of safety relays designed and manufactured by Pilz GmbH & Co. KG. Safety relays like PNOZelog are commonly used in industrial automation and machinery to monitor and control safety-related functions, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment. PNOZelog relays are designed to perform various safety functions, such as …

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PNOZpower safety relays

PNOZpower safety relays

The PNOZpower safety relays are designed for use in various industrial applications to ensure the safety of machinery and equipment. These relays are typically used to monitor safety-related functions, such as emergency stops, safety gates, light curtains, and other safety devices. The PNOZpower relays are known for their reliability and compliance with safety standards. The …

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The modular safety relay myPNOZ

The modular safety relay myPNOZ

By providing the ability to monitor safety functions independently in separate zones, myPNOZ likely enhances the flexibility and customization of safety relay configurations. This could be particularly useful in scenarios where different parts of a system have varying safety levels or where specific safety measures are required for certain processes or equipment. http://www.pilz.com With an …

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Monitor safety functions with PNOZ X | PNOZsigma safety relay - Pilz

Monitor safety functions with PNOZ X

The PNOZ X relays are designed to monitor various safety functions, including safety gates, emergency stop (E-STOP) buttons, light barriers, light curtains, and limit switches. These relays play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of machinery and processes by monitoring specific safety-related parameters and initiating appropriate actions in case of any deviations from the …

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PNOZsigma Configurator - Relay modules - PNOZsigma safety relay

PNOZsigma safety relay

The PNOZsigma series often features a modular design, allowing users to customize the relay configuration based on the specific safety requirements of their applications. Modules can be added or removed as needed. NOZsigma relays are versatile and can be used in various safety applications, such as emergency stop, light barriers, safety gates, and more. They …

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Two-hand monitoring | PNOZsigma – safety relays

The PNOZsigma series from Pilz is a family of safety relays used for monitoring safety functions in machinery and automation systems. When it comes to two-hand monitoring, the PNOZsigma relays are commonly employed to ensure the safety of operators during manual operations. Two-hand monitoring is a safety measure designed to protect operators from hazardous machine …

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