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Keeps The Flaps Closed

A mounting position had changed, suddenly rendering the existing safety concept for the horizontal animal feed mixer ineffective and potentially preventing the plant being delivered on time. Herbst worked closely with Pilz to develop an alternative, which would safeguard the flaps on the stirrer: an appropriate solution was quickly found with the safety gate system …

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Safe high-voltage test mode

For the technical development of the test cages Bombardier works with SPIE, a technical service provider for buildings, plants and infrastructures. While SPIE implemented the plant’s mechanics and electronics, the partners turned to Pilz’s expertise with regard to safety issues: Pilz carried out all the calculations, programming, validation and concept development. Safe, functioning operation of …

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Food Portioning

When designing its machines it’s important to Marelec to offer maximum safety. The razor-sharp blades on the portion cutters represent the greatest risk; they are barely visible due to the fast cutting movement. That’s why Pilz advised the machine builder to use a protective cover including safety fence monitoring. If the cover is opened, the non-contact, …

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Clear the stage

The camera is mounted on a slide, which crosses access to the understage area at high speed downstage. Previously, flashing lights had warned of the approaching slide camera. The idea was to optimise this concept, to increase the safety of the stage technicians and exclude manipulation. Today, the danger zone is secured by Pilz’s Type …

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Productive and Simple.

However, the safety measures were not to hinder the (bending) process. Cost-optimised, integrated bending angle measurement on the camera-based protection and measurement system PSENvip from Pilz supports this aim – particularly on shorter length press brakes. The module that has now been integrated for bending angle measurement requires no additional space in the work area …

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The burner among controllers

PNOZmulti 2 carries out functional safety and burner control tasks as a complete solution in a single system; these are tasks that were previously performed by separate burner controllers. That’s quite a challenge, as monitoring involves a complex control sequence: At the heart of every wafer production line is the oven, which may be up …

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